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AVC: In filling out the ranks of the wax figures in that episode, why choose Coolio and Larry King?

AH: [Laughs.] When your writing assignment is, “Write 10 random wax figures,” you want to have the maximum contrast: Some old literary figures—Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes—and then just the most random celebrities. I wanted something iconic. Larry King’s face is something that will be burned into the mind of everyone who’s seen it forever, and Larry King is just this evergreen, weird icon, so I thought of that first. Then we thought, “We need to have some kind of rapper next to Larry King, because that’s the opposite,” and just that image of Coolio in the ’90s with those crazy braids—we couldn’t get it out of our heads. The idea that we could perhaps have Larry King flicking Coolio’s braids or Coolio flicking Larry King’s suspenders, it tickled everyone in the writers’ room. We’re like, “That’s so stupid. We have to try it.” We were shocked that Disney complied and made our stupid dreams come true.

Alex Hirsch (x)
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